Five Pound Baby Cardigan

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Larger Preemie or Small Newborn Cardigan

Cardigan for larger Preemie or small Newborn (5 lb range)

Fits a 5 lb. baby  
Chest: 8" (20 cm) closed
Materials: Bernat SofteeBaby or Baby Jacquards Sport Weightó1 Ball
US#3 and #5 straight needles and dpn's, 2 small stitch holders, 5 half-inch buttons.
Gauge: approx 7 sts and 9 rows per inch.

Cast on 53 sts. on #3 needle
1. K 5, K1, P1 rib across, K last 5
2. K 5, P1, K1 rib across, K last 5
3. Buttonhole row: K 2, y/o, K 2 tog.,K 1, work across as in Row 1. (Or work buttonhole at the end of the row for a girl) Do a buttonhole row every 7th garter ridge on button band always on rs (the outside)
4. As Row 2
5. K across
6. Change to #5 needle, K across, placing markers: Work 13, p.m., work 3, p.m., work 21, p.m., work 3, p.m., work last 13 sts (53 sts)
7. (Right side) Begin raglan increases. K across, doing a bar-type increase in next-to-the-last stitch before marker and the stitch immediately after  each markeró 8 sts added
8. K 5, P across, passing markers, K last 5
Repeat Rows 7 and 8 until each sleeve has 27 sts. Do not forget buttonholes. In next row, (w.s.) work across, putting the 27 sts of sleeve on a holder without working: then cast on 3 sts across the underarm gap. Continue working across back, putting second sleeve on a holder and casting on 3 in a similar manner, finish row.  (101 sts on needle)
Work even on 101 sts, being sure to put in buttonhole at the proper interval. Before 5th buttonhole is due to be worked, work another garter ridge, change to smaller needles for ribbing and incorporate the 5th  buttonhole in the bottom cuff, matching the style of the neckband. Work a few more rows and bind off in pattern.

Sleeve: On #5 dpn's, pick up 27 sts from holder, plus 3 sts at cast-on underarm. Work 23 rounds (or a few more if wanted) of 30 sts.
P 1 round. Change to #3 needles. K 1 round. Work K1, P 1 ribbing for 7 or 8 rounds. Bind off. Repeat for 2nd sleeve. You could make a deeper ribbed cuff for folding back, but a tiny child looks very lost in a giant folded cuff.

Weave in ends. Sew on buttons very securely.

If this sweater is going to a NICU, be sure to wash it and seal it in a zipper bag, disinfecting hands first before handling laundered sweater. Mark your donation with the proper size (i.e., 5 lbs.)

This sweater goes fast: about 5 hours.
Five Pound  Baby Cardigan Sweater
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