Bosnian Booties

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Bosnian Booties

Original is done part in the round and part flat. It is much easier to do the entire boot on dpn’s. Use sport yarn in 2 colors and #3 or #4 dpn’s.
Gauge on #4 is approx 13 garter st=2 inches.

Sole: c/o 48 sts in color . Work K 1 round—P 1 round for 6 or 7 garter stitch ridges,*  while working last( P) round, place marker in center at 24 sts from beginning (where the tail of the yarn is).
Upper: Join white yarn. K to within 3 sts of marker. Work 2 sts together, K 1, pass marker, K 1, work 2 sts together (use a decrease stitch that gives you symmetrical left-right slants), finish round. Work another round in white the same way. Twist white with color yarn, and work 2 rounds in color in the same manner. Keep working 2-round stripes, working decreases each round. After the 3rd  white stripe, break off white yarn.  Work one more K round in color, ending at heel. (26 sts remain)
Open Collar: K 13 to marker, turn.
P 26 to marker, turn.
K 26 to marker, turn.
P 26 to marker, turn.
K 5 rows for garter stitch cuff— opening will now be wide enough to work on 2 needles.
Bind off in K (w.s.)
Sew sole shut. Weave in loose ends.
Make a chain with color and thread it in and out just below the garter stitch cuff. Tie in front.

* use 7 ridges for a slightly wider fit.

Original has eyelets done right below the garter stitch cuff. I find the string stays in better without the eyelets. —C

Bosnian Booties
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