One Strand Bootie
One Strand Bootie
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One Strand Bootie

Knit in the round, there is no sewing or knotting of yarn.
Uses Sport Yarn— and excellent way to use up partial skeins. These instructions make a newborn size.
Cast on 34 sts. on #2 or #3 d. p. needles
CUFF: Work 24 rounds in K1P1 ribbing.
DIVIDE FOR INSTEP: With needle #1, K 11. With needle #2, K 12. Needle #3 will have 11 sts on it (do not work these sts now.)
P 12 sts that are on needle #2. Work back and forth—K a row, P a row—for instep until there are 18 rows total, ending with a P row. * K 2 tog., work to end. P 2 tog., work to end.* Repeat between *’s once: 8 sts remain on instep. Work 1 more row in K.
WELT: (This will be created using garter stitch.) With spare needle, pick up and K 11 sts from left side of instep. K 11 sts from needle #3. You are now at the heel of the bootie. P 11 sts from needle #1. Pick up and P 11 sts from right side of instep. P 8 across toe, then P until you reach the heel. (52 sts total) Before continuing, rearrange stitches at toe end, taking 5 sts from each side and putting them on the needle that has the toe sts. K 1 round, P 1 round and repeat alternating rounds until you have 5 garter stitch ridges (end on P).
SOLE: Round 1: K 26, place a marker, K 26. Round 2: Decrease 1 st, K to within 2 sts of marker, decrease 1 st. Pass marker, decrease 1 st., K to within 2 sts of end of round, decrease 1 st.  Round 3: K.  Round 4: as for round 2. Round 5: K. Round 6: as for round 2.
Last row: K half a round, (20 sts) ending at toe marker. Break off yarn, leaving about 15-inch tail to graft sole, using Kitchener stitch.  (Alternate ending would be instead of knitting the half round, to bind off the full round and then sew the seam.)

TIE: Crochet two 16-in chains. If yarn is very thin you may use double strand. Thread into cuff about 3 rows above the instep using tapestry needle to draw chain through, going in-and-out four times. Tie bow in front.

To make larger booties, either use a thicker yarn and larger needles, or add a few rows to the length of the cuff and instep, and the number of stitches picked up on each side.

One-Strand Knit Bootie
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