Baby’s Raglan–no seams
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Baby's Raglan - no seams Sweater

Baby’s Raglan–no seams

Materials:1 ball of Bernat Softee-Baby sport yarn. US #2 and #4 straight and double-point needles, 5 half-inch buttons, 2 stitch holders
Gauge: 13 st and 17 rows = 2"
Finished size: Buttoned, 9 ˝" across at chest; 9 ˝" neck to hem; sleeve — 5" to 5 ˝" —  underarm to cuff
On smaller needle, C/O 67 sts
1: K 5, K 1, P 1 across, K last 5
2: K 5, P 1, K 1 across, K last 5
3: Repeat Row 1
4: Repeat row 2
5: Buttonhole row – for boy – K 2, Y/O, K 2 tog, K 1, work across as in row 1;  or for girl, work to within 5 sts of end, K 2, Y/O, K 2 tog, K 1. Buttonholes will be worked every 10th  ridge (20 rows) [If you want a slightly longer sweater, work buttonhole every 11th ridge.]
6: K 5, P 1, K 1 across, K last 5
7: K across
8: Change to larger needle. K across
9: K across
10: K across — placing markers as follows: K 15 for front, place marker, K 8 for sleeve, place marker, K 21 for back, place marker, K 8 for sleeve,  place marker, K 15 for front
Start yoke and raglan increases. All increases are the bar type: K into the front and back of same stitch.
11. (r.s.) K 5, *K to within 2 sts of marker, inc in next st, K 1, pass marker, inc in next st, * repeat between *'s 3 times. Work to within 5 sts of end, K 5.  (8 sts added)
12: K 5, P across, passing markers, K last 5 sts.
Repeat Rows 11 and 12 until each sleeve section has 38 sts. Do not forget buttonholes at established interval.  End on w.s.
Join body and put sleeves on holder. (r.s.) *Work across to within 2 sts of marker, increase, K 1, remove marker. Put 38 sts of sleeve on holder without working. C/O 4 sts at underarm. Remove next marker, increase in next st., *  Repeat between *'s once, finish row.  (123 sts on needle)
Work even until you are 7 ridges below the 4th buttonhole, ending on r.s.
Begin bottom band:
Next row: (w. s.) K across,
Next row: K
Next row: K
Next row (r.s.) Change to smaller needles. K 1 row.
Next row: (w.s.) K 5, P 1, K 1 rib across, K last 5
Next row: Work buttonhole (as Row 5 in collar).
Work 5 more rows.
B/O loosely in pattern.

Sleeve: With dpn's, pick up 38 stitches from holder — picking up 14 on 1st needle, 16 on second needle, 8 on third needle, + 6 sts from underarm — the 4 cast-on stitches, plus an extra stitch at each end of cast-on sts. (This helps prevent holes.)
Tie on yarn at the beginning of the underarm stitches. You will be working these stitches first.
Round 1: K a round: when you reach the last stitch, K it together with the 1st stitch from the beginning of next round.
Round 2: K 4, K 2 tog., finish round.
Round 3: K
Round 4: K
Round 5: As Round 1
Round 6: K 3, K 2 tog, finish round.
Work even on these 40 sts until about 1" short of desired sleeve length. (Usually the sleeve length should be about the same length as the body, from underarm to bottom cuff.)
In next round, *K 2 tog., K 8* 4 times (36 sts)
P 1 round.
K 1 round.
P 1 round
Change to smaller needles and K 1 round.
Work K 1, P 1 ribbing for 7 rounds or desired length. Bind off loosely in ribbing.
Repeat for 2nd sleeve.

Preemie or small newborn: For a smaller sweater space buttonholes every 8 or 9 ridges (16 or 18 rows). Work bottom band to correspond to collar; work sleeves a little shorter.
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